• Sanitary Ware
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    1.Bathroom Cabinet

    When you buy bathroom , besides considering size, design and color , the following factors have to be taken into consideration: moisture-proof, waterproof, moth-proof, the material quality has direct influence on the quality of the products, it is better to use materials which have been moisture-proof treated .


    The faucet is cantor of water with the highest frequency of usage , there are all kinds of different shapes and models, the following is factors to consider in choosing:

    Material: whether to use copper chrome plating, generally the material with copper is heavier.

    Valve core: faucet "heart", which determines the faucet life and outgoing water effect, better use ceramic valve core.

    Outlet strainer: general water tap water all have rectifier guard, good faucet outlet has double strainer which guarantees soft ,smooth, non-splashed outgoing water, and accompanied by bubble, saving 30% water .

    Surface treatment: chrome plating layer does not need special maintenance and can last long time ;good chrome plating has three layers, the static surface effect is good, it will never fall off.


    The abnormal wear of the tire due to all sorts of factors during usage always make the driver frustrated. These conditions all can reduce the service life of tires,such as the tire pressure is too high or too low, overload operation, bad positioning of the four wheels , savage operation due to unskilled driving , unreasonable tire selection and installation and damage to the outside by something hard. The following things need to be done to effectively avoid these abnormal wear:

    1.Strictly abide by the tire air- filling standard, after filling each part should be checked to see whether there is any leakage, and the tire pressure should be regularly checked too to ensure that the tires comply with the standard.

    2. Select and install correctly the tyre, and mate with corresponding inner tube according to the tire size

    3. Tire should be interchanged regularly.

    4. Control the temperature of the tire

    5.Tires should be stored away from sunshine, oils, acids, combustibles and chemical corrosion product.