• Huanri new product-Low pressure cylinder
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    Since year 2011,to realize the sustainable development target, Huanri group decides to increase product variety, developed the liquefied natural gas (LNG) motor cylinder 50L - 495L series products, low temperature industrial gas cylinder; low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure series products. At the same time it has increased steel liner ring winding glass fiber composite material vehicle CNG cylinder series products. It is estimated that by 2014, the company representative products LNG vehicle bottle capacity 20000 only, the value of 600 million yuan, industrial bottle capacity 10000 only, the value of 100 million yuan. Development foreground is very wide.

    DPL series welding adiabatic cylinders (hereinafter referred to as low temperature bottle) is used for storage, transportation, and use of liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, liquefied natural gas, liquefied Co2, etc. Medium high vacuum multilayer insulation movable cryogenic liquid container. It is made of stainless steel tube, support system, inner supercharger, high vacuum insulation sandwich, built-in carburetor, valve line and safety system components.

    This product uses advanced technology , with characteristics of safe and reliable, easy to use, it can be filled more medium and re-filled., and manufacturing process is under strict control of quality assurance system . At the same time, low-temperature bottle is made of full stainless steel, it’s clean and sanitary, it does not have filling pollution, and moisture, air rust, gaseous acid-base, fluorine plastic pollution existing in bottled gas , greatly improving the gas purity. It can be widely used in machinery, shipbuilding, medical chemistry, electronics, biology, food, material, energy and scientific research, and other national economic sectors.

    Its general purposes are as follows:

    ●Contains medical oxygen, act as concentration air supply equipment;

    ●Fills industrial liquid oxygen, used for metal cutting, welding, heating, etc.;

    ●Contains liquid argon, used for argon arc welding and other argon protection occasion;

    ● Fills liquid nitrogen, used in high purity nitrogen protection or food, medicine, biology, and superconducting, etc;

    ● Contains liquid natural gas, and used in metal cutting, heating, etc.;

    ●Contains liquid carbon dioxide, is used for welding gas protection, also can be used for food freezing or preservatives

    DPL series cold bottle our company produce has beautiful appearance. At the same time, they are are very strong and safe in design and manufacture.

    We successfully participated in the second international gas and gas bottle manufacturers congress held at Nanjing international exhibition center Jiangsu province from Sep.12 to Sep.14,2012 and made a sensational effect. The delegates from home and abroad give full praise to sol company's products. Later on in the evening party, our company has been awarded "The most growth potential award", in the whole industry only six companies won this award, it has shown the recognition from the gas industry association leadership and people from all walks of life to SOL Special Equipment Co., Ltd.. During the exhibition SOL has received more than 200 person/time from domestic and abroad, and has signed purchase contracts with six customers, there are also more than 10 companies who have intention to purchase our products.

    Stainless steel shell